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The . .Q: How to call a method from a different controller? I have two controllers which have a common method CompanyController.js CompanyShowCtrl.js I need to call the common method from the CompanyShowCtrl.js, but I am not sure how to achieve this. var CompanyShowCtrl = angular.module('company-show', []) .controller('CompanyShowCtrl', function ($scope, $location) { $scope.go = function () { $location.path('/company/' +; } }); A: You can do it with $rootScope service: First, inject it in your controller: .controller('CompanyShowCtrl', function ($scope, $rootScope) { $rootScope.whatever = true; In the main controller inject the rootScope like this: var mainController = angular.module('mainController', []); mainController.controller('MainCtrl', ['$rootScope', function($rootScope){ $ = "Giorgos"; $rootScope.whatever = false; }]); and use $rootScope whatever property in the view: {{ name }} {{ whatever }} CodePen The Woman in Black The Woman in Black () is a 2012 English-language Estonian period drama film directed by Priit Põldma and starring Ditte Sveen, Florian Post, and Andres Puj




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Download T Tmdeuc 1005 (Updated 2022)

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