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Engraving Dental Burs

Engraving Dental Burs

Excluding Taxes

Pack of 5 Diamond bit ball burs prefect for engraving on glass, acrylic, ceramic or metal.


Please note: The pack does not include the collet reducer



    All are products go through a quality check before being offered up for sale. Since we are a small business, we do not offer any returns and refunds once the product is sold. In rare cases, incase a product arrives damaged, please share pictures/video with us on and we will definately help you out :)


    We are a small women led business. We take utmost care while packing and shipping your orders. All orders placed are shipped within 3-4 day or receiveing the order. Delivery timelines are 4-5 working days. For urgent orders, please reach out to us on instagram, we will try and help you if possible.

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