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Rachna's Favourite Beginner Nibs

Rachna's Favourite Beginner Nibs

Excluding Taxes

A pack of 3 beautiful beginner friendly nibs.


Hiro 40: nib tends to go by many names, including the Leonardt 40 or the Blue Pumpkin. This nib is very flexible, capable of producing thick, beautiful swells even with a gentle hand. Can hold a lot of ink, making re-dipping less frequent.


Hiro 41: this nib produces thicker hairlines than the Hiro #40, but is exceptionally smooth gliding. Good nib for beginners. works well on heavily textured papers.


Tachikawa G: is a stiff nib capable of drawing thin or thick lines depending on the amount of pressure. Perfect for beginners and if you have a heavy hand.


    All are products go through a quality check before being offered up for sale. Since we are a small business, we do not offer any returns and refunds once the product is sold. In rare cases, incase a product arrives damaged, please share pictures/video with us on and we will definately help you out :)


    We are a small business and a one woman show. We take utmost care while packing and shipping your orders. All orders placed will be shipped witin 5 working days.

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